I don’t think I would recommend this to others

darkmaroon collage

green collage

original&pink collage

So a few years ago I had my eye prescription renewed and picked up a couple new frames while I was at it. The first pair was my main squeeze and I loved them to bits. Literally. They ended up in several pieces almost a year later. The second pair? Was not my favorite. The pattern combined with the frame shape was just too intense for me to feel comfortable wearing on a regular basis, and they were mostly forgotten. Until one fateful day when I glanced at my nail polish collection and thought “hmmm… I wonder how that would work out.”

Awkwardly, it seems. I went with a safe, dark maroon first but the polish was a bit too clumpy and it left awkward ridges on the frames. I knew they were basically scrapped at that point and so the next time I got the itch to mess around with them, I busted out a bright green from my acrylic house paint collection and then sealed it with a couple coats of clear nail polish. Neither finished product left with me the confidence to actually wear them in public for more than a brief outing, but it was fun to mess around with them. I wore them while green on a couple of occasions, but mostly they became my crafting glasses.

Then on Wednesday I got the itch again and started covering the green in another dark color. While I was waiting for the rims to dry, I started fussing with the green on the ear part. It peeled right off, and I started peeling all the color off entirely. I used some nail polish remover as well, which as I feared took off some of the sealant for the original glasses. I mean, I think it did, because a couple parts are dusty looking. Anyhoo I used a Sally Hansen quick dry and with a very careful, steady and soft hand added pink around the front of the frames and I’m really digging how they look now! I love that the crazy tree style pattern is still preserved in the side parts without overtaking the fronts. It’s needed a couple touch ups here and there but I’ve already worn them to work once and plan on going back for more, so I think that says something, right? At least it says something about my lack of shame.


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