This is kind of really immature, and even a bit crass at the end


… But the post about my crazy-ass weird glasses from yesterday made me think about it.

[x] bonershrinkerANIMATION2ndSo I can’t remember which friend told me because it was kind of a while ago. I wish I could–he just cracked me up when he described it. He was joking about that trend spreading throughout ladies of around my age. The awkward original “twenty-something”s who texted on their phones and made a fashion idol out of Zooey Deschanel and who also wore crazy huge glasses. “Boner Shrinkers” is what he called them–oversized antique-worthy glasses that he remembered his ancient great aunt Mabel wearing back in the day.

Boner shrinkers. don’t know why it cracks me up and sure I can see how that’s probably really offense and decidedly heteronormative and also probably sexist but it was the way he said it. Boner shrinkers.

And you know, I totally get it. I think of it every time I see awesome and cool confident chicks, and also more and more guys lately, rocking some monster frames. I think of it wear my glasses, particularly the large square frames. It’s so funny to see the guys and girls that are still totally digging my look*, and one in particular who doesn’t have any shrinking experiences over how I accessorize.

Was that too graphic? My bad, but you kind of had to see it coming.

Okay that one actually was pretty bad, if you caught it. Sorry. I’ll stop now.


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