I’m not quite sure what to do with them yet

But I have a evolving work hobby where basically I make stickers when it’s slow. So far no one yells at me for it. My boss compliments my handiwork every now and then. Yesterday he told me that they were way cool, but could be even cooler if I made them into stickers. When I told him I use mailing labels so they already are stickers, his face was a mixture of impressed tinged with what was disappointment, I think, that I couldn’t use his advice. I did, just in a time-traveler way.


It started with drawing on the backs of the pink memo pads we have everywhere. I gave myself the challenge of just filling the whole page from edge to edge with any kind of pattern or drawing, but that soon got boring and turned into creating some abstract shapes that I would then color when I got home. The pink memo picture I’m adding to this post is the best evolution of that, when the shapes started turning into people.

Since then I’ve brought mailing labels to work instead which leaves me with some badass stickers by the end of my day. This batch is just over two (incredibly slow) days but I have a ton more. Usually I post my favorites on tumblr. They get used up on birthday cards and in my art journal, but there’s something about this batch that looks a lot more cohesive. Like superheroes or something. I’m not sure yet, but I’ve been taking it a step further than usual and I’m using my tablet to draw computer versions of them, adding color and whatnot. I’ll post an update once there’s one to give, I’m sure. Till then…

xsupergirl1 xsupergirl6
xsupergirl5 xsupergirl4 xsupergirl3 xsupergirl2



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