This dog is so dignified he needs a makeover

Alright so it took a bit but I think I’ve settled on the colors I like for this guy.

I was tempted by the idea of a hot pink for his shirt at first, but it kept coming out all patriotic and a little rustic. That tube of metallic green paint is actually my mom’s because she’s a loving mother who lets me tap into her wealth of art supplies, sometimes even before she gets it past her car… Still though it’ll need another coat, definitely but the colors are set. I think. I always end up changing my mind, but I think I’ll just focus on making a pattern next. There’s a swirl in the shirt detailing that I could play with, but I’m also leaning towards the idea of adding a pattern to his jacket. Maybe plaid?firstcolors horiz

For supplies I’m using nail polish and acrylics. I added a white coat to his shirt since it was a brighter red, but for his jacket I just added polish on top. I did my best to preserve that gold lining on the jacket, but I might end up touching it back up. I haven’t finished with the dark polish for his liner, but I also wanted to know what I was doing with the flower first. maybe purple? Glitter purple? I’m more and more set on keeping his fur and face as is, but I am considering changing up the base. Maybe a more solid gold, instead of just lined? The books are still a work in progress–I have no ideas and too many all at the same time. It’s tempting to just borrow my mom’s saw and just take the book end part off, but I could also carve some type of pattern into it, or a title. We’ll see–I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

firstcolors 1spread firstcolors spread1firstcolors 3closeupbody

————original update

I never remember to take ‘before photos’ of the bits and bobs I give makeovers to, so it felt perfect to make him the first post for this blog, all about the process of finishing projects.

I’m not sure what I’m going to fix just yet, but I think he’s going to go the way of the Pigs. Meaning, a lot of nail polish, a lot of bright colors, and I’m not going to touch his fur, I don’t think. Still not sure about the books, though. I’m half tempted to borrow my mom’s mini saw thing and cut the bookend part off. What’s the worst that could happen? If it’s hollow I figure I can just fill it out with styrofoam or something and add little UN-style flags or something.

before collage


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