The first of a lot of posts about hair

So I had a dream that I was a bit older (like mid-40s) and I had long hair and it was glorious. I was checking it for gray hairs and realized that somehow in the past 20 years I had turned into a red head and it was the COOLEST THING EVER

excited redhead

Seriously guys, the joy I felt in my dream was astounding. I had never known how much I wanted to be a redhead until I was sitting there in dreamland, brushing my bright red hair and fluffing out my cherry hued bangs. It was glorious and eventually dream-me realized it was probably unlikely that my brown hair was going to magically redden in the next couple decades. That didn’t put a damper on the dream so much as it shifted it, and suddenly I was the parent of a five year old ginger who had won the gene pool lottery. It was great and when I woke up I was thinking about the ten or so red hairs you can see in David’s beard.

Those ten-ish hairs fuel my hope.



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