A big school of fish swim down my street every day

I’ve had some longer lunches at work lately and I’ve been using them to meander my way down the street the ten or so blocks it takes to get me to a bookstore. The backs of most of the signs look about as busy as that cover photo, so I like to take my time and photograph them as I pass by. I love graffiti and make really no apology for it. I love seeing how people interact with public spaces and claim it as their own. I love seeing the handful of artists who cycle through my neighborhood, responding to other pieces and tacking up new stickers as old ones are painted over. These koi are some of my hands down favorites, though. I love watching them swim with me as I walk to the bookstore. I think there’s something so subtle and familiar about covering the backs of signs with stickers.

koi yellow

koi crosswalk light koi colorful

koi skeletons

koi red koi crosswalk light

koi red stopkoi pairkoi at the top


2 thoughts on “A big school of fish swim down my street every day

  1. I laughed at the “it’s the Klaw” sticker, with Wolverine-like claws drawn in on the hand. :) Now I want to know the story behind those koi–were they all posted by the same person? Is there a koi gang who coordinate with each other to take over one street with different koi? The world may never know…


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