The best kind of reboot

I think many of my five readers here know I started blogging a few years ago with my bestie Kelsey over at MooseInChartreuse. That’s why this guy is so cool–he is basically the embodiment and unofficial (Kelsey? Can I make him the official?) mascot for that blog.  You can hop over if you want to, but try not to laugh too hard when you see how crazy ridiculous my clothes sometimes were. Clothes get really tangled up with my anxieties and it’sonly been very recently that  I’ve gotten to a point where clothes feel easy. I wake up, I throw something on, I walk out the door. I can’t remember the last time getting dressed felt so simple but it was probably around middle school.

So, to celebrate: Kelsey and I are linking up for some Fashion Friday madness! Here’s my daily uniform, something that looks like I could throw a work uniform over it and also looks fierce when I wear it on a date with David (we were heading to the kite festival in Long Beach when he took these photos). Go check out Kelsey’s outfit, too, once you’re done with the oohing and ahhing over here.

closeup horiz full lengthcloseup vert couple photo


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