Reclaiming my T-shirt collection

This might sound super shallow but do you ever have moments where you see just a super unflattering photo of yourself and it scares you away from ever wearing that outfit again, even if it wasn’t even the outfit’s fault? That’s my relationship with t-shirts, no joke. I think it has to be something about them but I never feel like I look cute in them, I always feel so frumpy.

shirt [msi concert] skirt [fred meyer] sandals [birkenstocks]
shirt [msi concert] skirt [fred meyer] sandals [birkenstocks]

3 collage

Which is kind of annoying, since I have some shirts I’m super fond of, like my MSI shirt. It’s such a fun memory of just pure giving-no-fucks attitude and that always makes me feel a bit better at handling whatever my day’s got. Even if it’s just housework and projects. Especially?

4 closerweird

I’ve been working some more hours than usual and while that’s been all great and fine it means I’ve been a lot more careful and intentional with my one day off during the week. I try to plan it so as to get the most amount of things done, alternating chores with fun projects, changing it up every hour or so and alternating sitting down and concentrating with bursts of moving around like a little fireball housewife.

1 hrmphface

This outfit was the perfect motivating non-outfit, easy to wear and also a bit sassy, I guess.


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