The Art of Naptime, as told by Syd & Lyra

I’ve always argued that my dog Lyra is part cat, and most of my friends who know her well agree. Her favorite hobby is naptime and it took her years to get the idea of fetch down. She still mostly just runs after the ball and then stares at it until someone comes and picks it up. Her biomom Syd was over for a playdate and they spent the whole day doing some hardcore napping. For context, I snapped these photos over the course of around eight hours, no joke. Oh and Syd’s fine, don’t worry. She just wouldn’t stop fussing with her back foot and so we’re helping break the habit.

IMG_20140904_123957IMG_20140904_113931IMG_20140904_125706 (1) IMG_20140904_120149IMG_20140904_133239


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