Do you have a flag

Over the past few years I’ve seen a huge shift in how I keep sketchbooks, even evolving to calling them art journals, and I love how each book has its own flavor. Here’s an update on how this one is evolving–I’ve noticed it’s turning into rough drafts for bigger paintings, and I’ve already started a couple of pieces loosely based on some of the sketches in here. It’s turning into a good place to practice different techniques, mediums, and it’s a good place to make lots of mistakes.

collage text7 dream a littlecollage househead8 abstract ink princess collage queen rooster

There’s an art journaling reference book I really like, The Journal Junkies Workshop. They talk a lot about the process and mentality and less step by step “how to make a page that looks exactly like this” which is really great. One of the things that really stuck with me was talking about how art journaling is a constantly ongoing process, and that one page can see a lot of action over a lot of time without ever being finished. I pulled out a couple of my art journals from the past two years and suddenly they didn’t look finished and old, they looked like these projects I had just stopped messing with. They looked unfinished and it was like the best homework assignment ever, going back and seeing what needs added. So I want to keep doing that, and I think making gifs is a fun way to show off how they evolve.

collage cover29 pinkadventure

collage bunny

PS Yes I named this particular journal after an Eddie Izzard sketch. It felt appropriate, considering the flag man on the cover.


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