The Power of Three

I remember as a kid I would look for and love figurines and little collectable knick-knacks that featured a one adult two kids motif. I think it’s pretty normal to look for things that reflect your own life, and it was also pretty easy to find the theme. Especially since a lot of the times they were gender neutral and the “mom” could also look like an older sister. I found these three lovely ladies at Value Village almost a year ago, I’d guess, and this is their makeover. They started off with a much more Earth-human look with pale peachy-pink skin and darker jewel tones for their clothes. Now they remind me of Star Trek characters which makes me love them that much more. I think the only thing that still needs a bit of work apart from touch ups on their skin and the white smudge on blue girl’s face is a design for her fan. It cracked in a sad little accident and you can still see the break line pretty sharply.

blue plain green pink blue plain green plain pink blue green plain


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