Ode to the Oregon Coast

Every now and then, David and I talk about which of us has the better state. I’m pretty solidly pro-Seattle, and the rest of Washington is awfully nice as well–it’s so nice I almost have David converted.The one concession I give is the Oregon coast–fucking amazing.

wavecrash collage I love every trip we take, and I love how it always feels like a brand new coast. That might just be because we don’t always go to the same spot, but still. It’s so complex with huge rocks and jagged beaches and oversized barnacles. It’s pretty awesome, and a great place for us to spend our anniversary and celebrate five years of rocking each others’ worlds. 2014-09-23

The dangers of handing him my phone to hold while I tucked a rock into my jacket pocket. Photographer David can strike at any moment…

IMG_20140922_111627IMG_20140922_111455IMG_20140922_113745download_20140922_142312IMG_20140922_114259IMG_20140922_113935 IMG_20140922_114609


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