Can you guess my favorite color?

Trick question, because I have about ten. But turquoise is a top runner, up there with chartreuse, a hot watermelon reddish pink, and  a solidly dark navy or deep deep plum purple. I think the last time I visited this set of friends, I also did an outfit post that had turquoise tights. Maybe that means I’m not very imaginative, or maybe it means that friend makes me think of turquoise. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s just a coincidence. A lot of it was just unintentionally matching my nails. My nail polish supply has been expiring and getting gloopy (it probably doesn’t help that I frequently use them in my art projects, meh) so I’ve started the long, slow, painful, arduous process of replacing my favorite colors. Turquoise, a solid hot pink-ish red, a slate gray and some gold glitter. I guess a dark dark navy occasionally wouldn’t hurt either. This turquoise was almost awful it was so chalky, but I had a top coat that saved the day.

fullshotcloseup fullshotscollage lyrachatting lyracollage lyrasmile


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