Showcasing the finest of superficially advanced technology

One of my most absolute favorite bits of the more superficial technological advancements has to be the ability to carry around not just your camera with you on your phone, but a tiny little computer to edit photos on as well. It’s amazing and while I’m all about being present in the moment, I love doing that with a camera in my hand. To me, taking photos as you walk along is like Suzy and her binoculars–that is, they help me see things better. I try not to get too bogged down with perfect phraming and lighting and whatnot, but I try to get a solid photo that is in focus with the entire subject I want in frame. It’s later, when I’m tired with my feet propped up on the coffee table, that I like to look back on the days that were particularly nice, and relive the good moments.


I always love taking photos of the graffiti I find around my neighborhood. There are so many stickers on the backs of signs that I can see different artists and styles, as well as jokes. Walking to work and seeing this huge tag, though, across a business’ windows and walls, was abrasive. There was one splashed across a brick wall, too, and I walked past the managers of the respective sides, discussing what they should do about it and how best to clean it off. I didn’t want to take a photo of their discussion, but to their credit and my dismay, it was all cleaned up when I passed by on my lunch break. I in no way condone vandalizing someone’s property, I hope that’s clear, even if I’m pretty pro stickers-on-backs-of-street-signs and mild forms of graffiti. This one felt loud and aggressive, almost, like a challenge to a drunken dare or protest.


Sometimes I like to send photos to my brother in law just because I know it will make him figuratively, and sometimes even literally, face palm. The one on the right. YOLO is unacceptable at any age said the man who deleted his facebook five years ago and never looked back. Lunch today meant a date with David, who somehow finnagled a way to get two halfdays during the week in exchange for working on Saturday. Boo to Saturdays says the long term, but the short term was pretty thrilled to have a date, especially since it involved the bookstore. It also involved some pictures, because the holly at the base of the Tree That Shalt Not Be Thy Anchor to Canines was just too well placed, I have to wonder if it’s intentional. Also, since this tree was standing off on its own near the sidewalk, adjacent an emptyish lot, I have to wonder–who’s tree is this to warrant such protection? Oh and the leaf on the left just looked like a big beetle all curled up at first which was terrifying for tenth of a second.

Not to sound too pretentious I went to the bookstore hoping to find something by the Nobel-prize winning french economist, Jean Tirole
but no dice, so I’m going to have to hit up the college campus to see if I can find Balancing the Banks. Okay hopefully the pretentious odor dissipates now. Instead though I picked up I Am Malala. I’ve wanted to read it for a bit but reading that she won the Nobel Prize  after already becoming the youngest nominee ever a few years ago convinced me to snatch up a copy before the bookstore sold out. It’s a small bookstore, even the cashier was all “man I should have had this out front–I’ll need to order more. David and I had coffee at a hipster joint with the most perfectly carved up yellow wood counters. I didn’t want to get too distracted so I just snapped three shots at random, mostly just trying to keep it focused but not framing or anything. Once I got home I ran them through some basic photo editing on my phone, tweaking the color and contrast and I love all three pieces so much. If you are taken aback looking at a surprisingly religious picture, one unexpectedly violently so, just imagine what my face was when I saw what I had a photo of. The seedy belly you find in communities is dark and oily and unpleasant. It won’t make up for it, but to shift your attention from that I’m ending with this appropriately placed graffiti sticker of a geriatric squirrel, waiting behind a stop sign to cross the street. I didn’t see him at first, but the more I look at it the more I see a certain character who’s frequently out and about in the community. Man I hope that’s who the tagger was going for.tabletopart squirrelwalker


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