I love getting dressed for this job

fullshot collage handsup
David was giving me some great camera directions for these photos “Look fabulous” he says, “Look like a grumpy hipstser”

I never feel like I had a handle on my wardrobe or my style. I know that’s probably a little weird to say since I’ve always had a fairly distinct flair for clothes and even a freakin’ fashion blog and even know I post outfits fairly regularly, but it’s true. Clothes are stressful and complicated. They always feel like this complicated match equation with lots of little interconnceted components that never seem to add up properly. This job, though, it’s somehow the easiest thing to dress for. I’m busting out all the bright colors and I even didn’t hate buying pants! Guys these are purple corderoy pants, and it feels like I’m wearing pajamas to work, it’s so sneaky. These photos are old, as you can tell by the lack of a ring and pink hair, but man that outfit… One of my favorites, fo’sho.tophalf


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