Too busy writing to blog, kbai

Well not really bye, I’m not leaving. Its just that every time I sit down to write a blog post, I end up just writing and writing until the post itself gets buried under this rambling monologue. I start to trim it all down because I know a true writer is actually an editor, but then it’s like the idea I started with fractures, splintering off into new ideas that want played out.

I drew her first and write the first draft of this all around her in my journal
I drew her first and wrote the first draft of this all around her in my journal

So that’s what I’m doing, writing. And I’m too busy with it to blog. But I’ve got outfit photos so hopefully if none of the good stuff gets posted you get clothes. Mostly it’s nice to know I have a platform over here, waiting till I’m ready.writingprep newgirl

(It’s probably going to be a while)

((True story–when I was in middle school, I was spending part of my summer at an apartment complex in Davis, CA and there was this great pool. Well it was an okay pool but it was our pool and almost completely empty which made it a great pool. I wanted to jump in but I was too scared. My sister had thrown herself in fearlessly and I wanted to do it too, but I was a chicken. Everyone was really nice and encouraging but I froze up. It wasn’t emotional, I didn’t panic or get upset, I just froze. I stood there, almost distracted, until everyone else was moving on and going back to what they were doing, splashing around and talking to each other. I even started talking to someone too, and then without even knowing it was going to happen, I jumped in. Possibly mid-sentence. It felt incredible.))


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