Star Trek Animated Series & Next Generation FanFic Crossover Idea

GIant Spock using Vulcan Mind Meld with Spock

Look, this is probably about as nerdy as I’ll ever get. I won’t lie, it’s pretty fucking nerdy so hang tight and if you’re not into Star Trek, you really won’t care about this post probably. It’s okay. I don’t blame you–I blame David, since he’s the one who did this to me. *

But so David and I were watching The Infinite Vulcan on Netflix. First season, episode seven of the animated series. Go check it out, I’ll wait. Or here’s a link to a summary of the episode. Because after this point, **Here Be Spoilers**.


I’m only including this because it’s hilarious, not so much because it’s relevant

For what it’s worth, I don’t think this is the best episode of The Animated Series. It was pretty campy, and I thought it was hilarious to have Philosophy Save the Day as a solution. So, like, don’t worry–I didn’t really take the episode that seriously. But afterwards, we were talking about Giant Spock, and I wanted to know what happened to him. According to some various nerd wikis, it looks like he’s not in the Star Trek canon and I think that’s an absolute shame. Most of my disappointment stems from wanting to read a Star Trek novel about him, and now I don’t get to (David and his mom read them, they trade off paper bags full of them, it’s so cute). I thought about it a bit, and here’s the novel that should exist** along with my argument that the Giant Spock clone created to be an army of peacekeepers, but instead saves the day (and original Spock) with  a cool, perfect blend of human/Vulcan philosophy, should be included into Star Trek Canon. I even think it works that you never hear from him in any of the other histories of the Trek Universe, because I think Giant Spock would have a solid understanding of the dangers of the cloning technology, and the philosophical dangers posed by allowing humans the opportunity to die to become larger, stronger, ‘better’ versions of themselves. As such, he would live in a self-imposed exile and only Kirk, McCoy and original Spock would know of his existence. Out of courtesy to Kirk & Spock’s friendship, and to avoid any complicated tangles, I think Giant Spock would limit his communications primarily to Original Spock. His life would be mostly like a retirement, working with a reformed Dr Stavos Keniclius 5 to help the Phylosians rebuild their society.

The novel should take place in the future, during TNG time frame, and it would take place as Keniclius was dying (of old age? Probably? Maybe cloning complications if you’re feeling ambitious?). I think it would center around a political schism in the Phylosian society as they are not fully recovered as a society but solidly on their way. The two sides would be whether to pursue the aggressive, forceful peacekeeping agenda of their ancestors or to evolve their philosophy and find a new way to spread their mission of peace across the galaxy. Giant Spock would side with the later and work with the dying Keniclius to adapt the cloning technology to help make the peaceful faction’s dreams a reality. He would also work with Picard, who would represent the Phylosians to the Federation and make a case allowing for the peaceful integration of their species throughout the planets in the Federation. Picard would be discrete about GIant Spock’s existence, keeping it under wraps. I’m thinking it goes something like this…

They adapt the physiological structure of the Phylosians to allow them to “plant” themselves at the end of their life, growing into huge trees instead of dying. In some sci-fi approved way, they also absorb their anti-weapon technology into their physical structure as well, leading to these huge, hundreds-feet tall trees that disable weapons in their proximity. The Phylosians travel to different planets within the Federation as ambassadors, and by planting themselves become connected to that planet’s experience. It’s kind of a cheesy “lead by example” theory, but it seems pretty in line with the structure of the original episode.

I’ve also brainstormed the death of Giant Spock, and having that take place during the Voyager series. I think he would travel with a select group of Phylosians to space well beyond the Federation, planting the elders as they reach new planets. Giant Spock would logically conclude that one more clone version of himself, one that would combine his dna with phylosian dna and allow him to “plant” himself, would be an appropriate way to end his life. I think he would run into Captain Janeway and the Voyager crew already in his tree form, and that his tree’s planet would serve as a sanctuary/nursery for adolescent life of nearby alien species. Voyager’s successful return (I still haven’t actually finished that series, so um I’m assuming here. No one disabuse me of this notion, please. I like happy endings) would be the first time that GIant Spock’s existence was made known to Federation in any sort of public sense, which neatly allows it to get tucked into official Star Trek canon.

*And by that, I mean, I’m unbelievable grateful he got me into Star Trek. I love sharing it with him, and my Grandma was super into Star Trek when she was alive so it makes me feel really connected to her as well. She was a pretty kick ass lady.

**Also if I’m wrong, and a novel on Giant Spock does exist, that’s so badass and please oh god tell me about it!


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