Been excited to wear this shirt with a belly

POW FrontHoriz

Holy overexposure, batman! The downside to the sunny days we’ve been having, and to using my phone’s camera for everything because I’m lazy. I’ll have to get that fancy camera dusted off before the baby comes, huh? Anyway I know the sweater won’t adapt well as I get bigger, what with the placement of the POW, but I’m glad I caught it at a good spot. I picked this sweater up from Goodwill sometime before Halloween and one of my first thoughts as being excited to wear it while pregnant. I caved over the weekend and went to Target to pick up maternity leggings and a maternity shirt, just something simple with the ruched sides. Ooooh my god so comfortable! I love having absolutely nothing touch my stomach, no waistbands or elastics. On the list of things I’m disgustingly grateful for, being able to wear this outfit–even with the leggings–to work is so high on the list it isn’t even funny. POW SideVertcollagePOW CheesyWDog


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