Check out my stash

*You can see my first post about cloth diapering here

I broke it down by newborn stash, OS covers (which theoretically last from about 7lb till potty training age, and are the closest thing you get to the “rubber pants” of days yore), pocket diapers, which have a rubber outer layer and a fleece inner layer, and an open space in between that you stuff with absorbents, aio & 2io diapers (all in one, which have the absorbency sewn directly into the diaper & two in ones, which have custom snap in inserts), absorbents (I add these to diapers to increase how much it can hold, so to speak), then cloth wipes (which deserve their own post, certainly, but which we use 98% of the time) and lastly fasteners (which keep the flats together before adding a cover).


I linked to as many things as I could, but just to be clear they’re not affiliate links or anything like that. I just wanted to make the finding process more convenient.

Newborn Stash
4 Rumparooz velcro covers
1 Thirsties velcro AiO

One Size Covers
2 Kawaii snaps
2 econobum snaps
1 Rumparooz snaps
Flip snaps
3 Nicki’s Diapers snaps
2 Nicki’s Diapers hook&loop
2 Wool (Kelly’s Closet & thrifted)

OS Pockets
1 BumGenius snaps
2 ClothDiapers4Less snaps
1 ClothDiapers4Less charcoal snaps
1 ak;ldsfakdf snaps (free gift with purchase from Kelly’s Closet)
aio & 2io
4 lilHelpers snaps
1 BumGenius AiO snaps
2 Nicki’s Diaper AiO bamboo snaps
2 Nicki’s Diaper AiO, bamboohook&loop
2 ClothDiapers4Less snaps

16 receiving blankets I use these as “flats”, with a kite fold on these to wrap around, kind of like in the gif up above
8 flour sack towels (from Target)  previously I used these flats, but now I use them folded into diaper-length rectangles and use them as absorbency-boosting inserts
12 Nicki’s prefolds I use these folded into thirds and added to a flat as an insert, and wrapped around another insert for nighttime diapers
 Nicki’s Diapers bamboo inserts I use these to boost the nighttime diapers
6 ClothDiaper4Less hemp inserts I use these in the pocket diapers
4 BumGenius Microfiber inserts with microfleece sewn on one side so they can be placed directly against baby’s skin
45 microfleece liners you place these directly on baby’s skin and it helps wick moisture away and does a great job guarding against diaper rash as well as containing solids
**2 Charcoal/Bambo double inserts snap specifically into lilHelpers
**2 Hemp double inserts snap specifically into lilHelpers
**3 Grovia snap-in inserts 1 per use
6 BumGenius Microfiber inserts these have since been retired to dusting supplies as I’ve slowly increased my stash of nicer quality inserts & prefolds
20 Gerber prefold flats these have since been retired to cleaning supplies as I’ve slowly increased my stash of nicer quality inserts & prefolds

30 pink flannel serge edged
12 Gerber terry cloth baby washcloths
2 lilHelper

6snappis these break so damn fast, but they’re still the most useful option out there. I want to try the boing ones next time I need more.
6ish babysafe pins I’ve only used these once, out of curiosity. I stick with snappis, but a lot of the time, if I fold my flat right, the edges are long enough to tie in a loose knot.

*(I don’t use these anymore. Ziggy sized out around the 6 or 7 week mark)
**are specific to the lilHelper covers because they snap into place. They’re a great example of a 2iO and why a 2iO is different from a cover+flat diaper.


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