One of the things I did in preparation of the Womxn’s March was attend a pretty cool screen printing event for posters to carry, organized by some talented artists at Pratt. The place was absolutely packed when I got there. It was a great energy, with everyone helping each other out in organizing how to manage such a limited number of stations with so many people. A lot of time was spent milling about, waiting for your turn to screen print or run prints to the drying rack. Still, it was great that such a large number of people turned out. There were families with kids and it was awesome to see them involved.

It was also very, very, very affluent white. Like, not exclusively, but marginalized populations were definitely the minority. I think it’s great that white women are getting into the political sphere. I mean, I’m a white woman getting involved in politics, so of course I think it’s a good thing. I also think it’s important to consider if the spaces created by white women are inviting to those who don’t necessarily fit that white, yuppie-affluent, cishet woman category.


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